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Questions & Answers About Naming The Stars
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What is naming stars as gifts all about?

         This item is offered as a way for you to express your affection or appreciation for, or in recognition of, a special person, occasion, event, or achievement. It is an alternative to sending the same old flowers, card, or gift. The most important part of naming a star is the giver (that's you!) and the Special Star recipient along with the thoughts, affection, expressions given with this item. This item can be customized to say exactly what you want to say and does it in a very unique way.


 Why link my expressions to a star?

          A stars light, twinkle, life, will last far beyond our existence and has existed for millions of years. By linking your expressions to a star, you're saying that your feelings and appreciation will last that long. The term "star" has long been given to persons or achievements which stand out among others just as the light of a star stands out against the cold lonely dark night sky.

 Some other companies that name stars don't have any disclaimers or question section. Does that mean they register star names somewhere?

         We don't know why some companies don't explain their “Name a Star” product totally before you buy. Possibly they feel they have something to hide. We want our customers to know exactly what this product is... and what it's not. There is no company naming stars as novelty gifts that has the ability to register the star name and coordinates with the government of the United States.

If other companies don't actually "register" the star, isn't that misleading advertising?

         That's up to you to decide. We feel people can be mislead by what information is NOT provided just as they can be mislead by what IS written. We welcome product comparisons. Please take note of those companies which openly provide you with information about naming stars and those which do not.  They may make you work, dig, e-mail, or call, to get the information which should be readily available. We feel we have a better product, more variety, (unique certificate, Twinkle the Star Bear, Acrylic Star, Special Star Lapel Pin). Who you believe and purchase from is up to you. We feel after comparing you'll come back to Starview for our unique products, great price, and our honesty.

Is this new star name registered with the government or any scientific organizations?

        This novelty gift and The Starview Organization is not affiliated with any government or scientific organization. Companies that claim they are a "Registry" really mean they maintain customer records. (Just like any other company selling any product...What's Special About That?) It's your choice to believe in a "Registry" for stars.

What about other "star companies" that describe themselves as a "Registry" or claim that your star is registered in a book in the Library of Congress?

       Your "star" receives no special government registration through these companies. This is something that needs clarification by the companies making that statement. There is no such thing as a federal registration of stars for this type of novelty gift. Companies making this claim may have a book written about a topic (possibly space or astronomy related), then printed, and will list your star information in the back of that book. All books published in the United States receive copyright protection and are registered/catalogued in the Library of Congress of the United States. The "book" gets registered/catalogued and receives a reference number, your "star information" just happens to be in the back of it.

If you appreciate our honesty, please consider becoming our customer.